Calling Out to ALL Fresh Graduates

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Date Posted Monday June 6th,2016 11:41 AM
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Calling Out to ALL Fresh Graduates

" Calling out to ALL FRESH GRADUATES looking for a career in the financial industry "

QN: How Would You Like To Be Personally Mentored By One Of Singapore's Youngest Most Successful Financial Associate... Replicate That Same Kind Of Success And Accelerate Your Career Growth (Plus Surpass Your Peers Within 2-3 Years)... EVEN If You Have Little Or No Experience?


Hello there,

My name is Joshua Lim. You may know me as the youngest Senior Vice President or Senior Financial Services Manager of Fort Financial Management Pte Ltd representing AXA or have seen me on The Straits Times published in April 2015 and March 2016.

I will go straight to the point. My team and I have successfully cleared our 2015's target by a mile. BUT we are aiming for greater heights and we like to open up a couple of slots to search for potential candidates to join our team as we want to kick-start 2016 to work towards bigger goals.

Here's YOUR opportunity.

I'm looking for:
- 2 x Wealth Associates (Investments and Risk Managements)
- 1 x Business Development Associates

-Become part of the top leading unit, working with people that are hungry for success and driven by growth. These will be the people who you grind with day in day out, to achieve tip top results.

-I strongly believe in investing in my team... That means you obviously. I want you to grow to your fullest potential and be successful. I believe in empowering people to allow them to be the best they can be. I will invest time to personally mentor and support my team, to enable them to achieve what they desire to achieve.

-Enjoy lucrative growth path once you are grounded in the foundations and become good in what you do and prove yourself worthy. Whether is it to be a manager within 1-2 years or run your own team, the path will naturally open up for you. In fact, I can GUARANTEE that you will become one of the rising stars in our industry. I've mentored and coached many people. Those who put in effort and commitment and followed the path have ALL became someone worthy of respect. (Of course those who didn't, didn't.)

You see, achieving success is not that difficult. Because all you need to have is: Being passionate about what you do + having the attitude to learn + the right skills + the right mentor and guidance + a supportive work environment + working with the right team.

BUT, Let me be very VERY VERY upfront and transparent here!

This is not for everyone. People come in having the mentality "try it out". NO! This isn't what I'm seeking for.

Let me re-emphasis, I'm looking for very specific types of people who have the hunger to learn and grow, committed to do what they do best and working with us for a long term. Do not pull us down, do not be a burden to the team. Everyone here worked really hard to get where they are today.


-Good working attitude and good learning attitude. Being open to changes and having the courage to step out of your comfort zone. (This is something I value alot, more than skills or knowledge)

-Be ambitious. I'm looking for people who wants to be one of the top in their game. Not just "exister". Not just "survivor". I'm looking for "thrivers"... "excellers". I took the pains to build a team of high-level performers and we love working with people who share the same vision and drive. If you're just looking to coast or just get by, you won't survive with us. We are striving towards something BIG and we have no time to spent on laggers or dead weights. Most take decades, even generations to achieve the goal we have in mind. So we need top players, not "bench warmers".

-Be results oriented. It's all about working towards the END GAME (I'll share our vision once you are in). I hate hearing excuses, don't procrastinate. 1 more thing, I hate drama within the team. It's all about working together cohesively and positively. Together we will achieve massive results. I guarantee it. We are bounded together to take the fight outside the office, not within the team.

-We work hard. We play hard. But most of all, we work together as a team. To me, my work and my team are my life and my family.

-Be interested in long-term (2 - 5 years) working arrangement. We'll teach you everything we know and not hold back. So we are looking for people who are interested to work with us for long-term, be part of the team and work towards our big goal.

I'll be very upfront with you: You need to work hard. You need to put in a lot of effort. You probably need to sacrifice in the beginning as we invest in you and train you and get you up to speed and your skills up to our standards.

People only look at successful people with envy. The truth is, its all an illusion. Behind that successful person are massive amount of hard-work that made that person what he is today.

BUT my promise to you is this, It won't take you decades to be great in what you do and be successful.

If you are keen to understand or find out more about this job scope, here's what I need you to do:


Drop us an email at

This position is only open to Singaporean/PR or those who hold valid residency status

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