What is Office Politic?

What is Office Politic?

Office politics refers to the various ways in which individuals or groups within an organization try to use their power and influence to achieve their own goals or agendas, often at the expense of others. Here are some examples of office politics that a fresh graduate new joiner might encounter:

Favoritism: Some people in positions of power may show favoritism towards certain employees, often based on factors such as personal relationships, shared interests, or shared demographic characteristics. This can lead to the preferential treatment of certain employees, which can be frustrating and demoralizing for others. If you ever be in this toxic situation where influential person such as your manager or other leaders show clear sign of favoritism, the best way out of this is to find another job in another organization.

Gossip: Gossip and rumor-mongering can be common in the workplace, and can create an atmosphere of mistrust and negativity. Gossip can also be used as a weapon to damage the reputation of others or to further one's own goals.

Competition: There may be competition for promotions, resources, or recognition within an organization. While competition can be healthy, this may lead to employees competing against each other rather than working together as a team, and jeopardize the bigger goal of the organization's success.

Power struggles: Different individuals or groups within an organization may have conflicting goals or agendas, which can lead to power struggles. This can involve efforts to gain control over decision-making processes or to influence the direction of the organization.

Sabotage: Some individuals may engage in sabotage in order to undermine the efforts of others or to further their own goals. This can take the form of intentional delays, errors, or omissions in work, or spreading false information about a colleague's work or performance.

It's important to be aware of these dynamics and to try to avoid getting caught up in them. It can also be helpful to seek out mentors or consult with HR personnel who can provide guidance and support as you navigate the politics of your organization.

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