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Industry Petroleum
Business Type Recruitment Agency
Number of Employees 25-100 People
Location Vietnam, Singapore
Sales Turnover 10-100 million SGD
Number of Offices 1-5
Website Address
Categories Engineering Services - Mechanical
Design - Others
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 Company Profile

Nhan Viet Co. Ltd. is a registered Vietnamese Company specializing in providing various HR Solutions to the different industries especially Oil and Gas Industry both in the Vietnam and International markets.  We offer full HR Solutions for Companies, from Manpower Supply, Training and Development Solutions, HR Management Consultancy…

Our Vision

To become a Global Manpower Supplier who the Customers Love and Trust.

Our Mission

To create the best opportunities for our Candidates and to committee to quality and excellent services to Companies who use our services.


Nhan Viet has got the most Professional and Capable Management and Staffs who commit quality and excellent services to its customers. Our Management has got 20 to 30 years experience in the HR Management as well as Oil and Gas Industry. All our staff has got experience in the fields of HR Management and Manpower Supply.



Nhan Viet’s Business Strategy is to turn competition to partnership to build its strength.

In order to source and provide the most experienced and skilled personnel to Clients, Nhan Viet has been seeking to enter into alliance/partnership agreements with many reputable established international manpower supply companies who are interested in having a presence in Vietnam without the high cost of setting up and staffing an office here.

We also enhance our expertise by seeking partnership with very powerful Professionals in HR Management field, who are working in HR Management Positions and Trainers in and outside of Vietnam.

Recruitment and Manpower Supply


Nhan Viet will bring about the global opportunities for its candidates. Currently we focus on the domestic demands, but in a near future we will seek global opportunities for Vietnamese Talents. We have been seeking to ally with Global Recruitments Companies to find new job opportunities for University Graduates and those capable staffs who do not have a good working environment to develop their talents.


One of our functions is manpower supply to domestic companies who have the needs. Nhan Viet has legal function to sign the labor contract directly and administer personnel for the companies. You want to focus on business or you are not legally able to sign the contract with the laborers? Please come to us for an efficient and economical personnel administration solution.


Training Solutions


Operational Excellency? Professionalism? Quality? Committement? Teamwork? Skills for success?... All are relating to a Training and Development Strategy of a Company.


Nhan Viet will help Organizations with People Development Strategy with its excellent professional expertise.


What will we be able to offer? Consulting and deploying all Training and Development Package.  Quality and time saving!


Training Needs Analysis =>

Peoples Development Plan / Training Course Proposal =>

Course Organization =>

Course Evaluation =>

Follow up Achievements


We have connects with domestics and foreign famous Training Units in and outside Vietnam for all your needs: Leadership skills, skills for success, professional training…


HR Management Consultancy


We all know that Human Resources are the critical drive for success of a Business. HR Management in a professional way is currently a problem in many Vietnamese medium and small enterprises.


In our time when Companies have to be very flexible in their Business Development Strategy, HRM also has to be flexible and go ahead so as to meet the development requirements of the Companies, since people development needs time, and changing the company culture or working environment is not a task of one day.



Nhan Viet has a network of Professional and Experienced HR Consultants inside and outside of Vietnam who can help companies in their company development process.


What can Nhan Viet support the companies in HR Management?

-       HR Strategy

-       HRM in Organization Restructuring

-       Performance Management

-       Employee Assessment

-       Compensations & Benefits Scheme

-       Sourcing and Recruitment

-       Company Culture establishment

-       Assess HR System by WCHR Standard


Our Clients


Nhan Viet is constantly caring for the HR needs and development trends of their Customers.


Our list of customers is becoming longer and longer…



VietSovPetro JV


Bien Dong POC



PV Marine Shipyard JSC

Pearl Oil (Tephrite) Ltd.

Lam Son JOC

Cuu Long JOC




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