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Industry Educational
Business Type Company
Number of Employees Less than 10 People
Location Singapore - East, Singapore
Sales Turnover Confidential
Number of Offices 1
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Categories Educational Services - Course/Training Center
Educational Services - Others
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At Presto Studios, we believe that music education goes beyond a simple transfer of information. As our mantra is "Music Education with a Heart", we move beyond the daily grind and towards the appreciation of music. Learning takes time and requires an environment that is safe and peaceful, like home.

Our vision is to create a classical music education school to all aspiring learners; In an environment second to home. We aim to groom learners into leaders and teachers in the music profession and to empower every student and staff to excel and achieve.

We are a specialist in piano teaching as well as general music education.  Our forte lies in the coaching of 1 - 1 piano learning from beginner level to diploma levels.  We have developed our own teaching curriculum as well as methodology to ensure that our students are well equipped with the basic building blocks of piano learning.  

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