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Industry Entertainment
Business Type Company
Number of Employees 25-100 People
Location Singapore - Central, Singapore
Sales Turnover Confidential
Number of Offices 5-10
Website Address
Categories Computer/IT - Software
Service Provider - Others
Media - Electronic
Jobs Posted Jobs posted by Keywords Studio Singapore
 Company Profile

Keywords was established in 1998. Thanks to our unique approach, our passion and our relentless commitment, the company has witnessed a steady and constant growth throughout the years with 120 permanent staff, flexing to over 1000 at peak times, who are all highly experienced professionals and passionate gamers.

We help our customers to strengthen their brands and increase sales while reducing globalization costs. At Keywords, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and extraordinary quality standards. Leading video games companies around the world rely on Keywords for our:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Proactive Thinking
  • Problem-Solving Skills

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